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Sim8 Microcomputer Simulator

Sim8 is a simulation of a very simple "8 bit microcomputer." In fact, one could argue that it takes the term "8 bit" a little too far, since even memory addressing is limited to 8 bits - resulting in only 256 bytes of memory.

But, even though Sim8 is too limited for any real-world application, it does attempts to portray a realistic but simple microprocessor, including a "microcode" level, where a number of machine cycles are necessary in order to complete a single conventional machine language operation such as an addition or subtraction.

The following sections provide documentation on the use of the Sim8 program:

  1. Quick Start Guide
    This first section provides a very quick "how to" that might get you up and running if you are already familiar with the necessary concepts, and you only want to try running some of the example programs.

  2. Front Panel
    Give an explanation of the buttons and menus on the Sim8 "front panel."

  3. Registers
    Describes the CPU registers and their use.

  4. Instruction Set
    Provides a complete description of the the machine language instructions that are available to the programmer. This section is the primary reference for programming Sim8.

  5. Loader
    Explains how to use the "loader" function to get your program into the Sim8 memory so that it can be run.