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Primary References

  1. Calendar

  2. Special Relativity Notes

Misc. Files

  1. Math_Concepts.pdf

    This is a short summary of the concepts (mostly from linear algebra) that are needed in order to begin the study of quantum information.

  2. Python-Windows.html

    My attempt to describe one way of installing a python environment on the Microsoft windows OS.

  3. Vector_Space_Axioms.pdf

    A linear algebra class would probably discuss the concept of a "vector space" based on a set of axioms such as these. If we get far enough, we'll probably want to cover these.

IPython Notebooks

When you click on the name of a notebook below, you should see a "static" view of the notebook on the "nbviewer" site. You can't run the notebook there. In order to run the notebook, you need to click on its "Download" link and put it into the directory or folder you made for the class (on your own computer). Then use the "ipython notebook" command.

Note: Depending on your browser, just clicking on the download link might not work. You might have to right-click on it and select something like "Save link as."